Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s no secret I have an obsession with #AliceinWonderland. It all started when one of my family members compared my dad and I to the Cheshire cat because of our smiles!


But I never really knew how much I relied on the story of Alice in Wonderland until I started my healing journey and my subsequent speaking career. See Alice and teenagers have an awful lot in common. Jumping down rabbit holes without caution, regard, or any preoccupation of consequences. However, there is a secret to that whole scenario. Alice (teens) don’t necessarily need to think before they act. That’s something that is learned with life lessons and age. While there are a lot of reasons we would love them to think first act second, scientific studies prove the reasoning region of their brain is simply not fully developed.

The great news to all of that is, we all love the story of Alice in Wonderland, and you wanna know why? Because even though Alice does a series of really stupid things, she comes out of that rabbit hole with the understanding of life that most of us only dream of. She now understands life on a whole new level, and all because SHE MADE MISTAKES!

So, teens….Don’t stop making mistakes because even if I could stop you from doing it, you are going to need those! Now before you P’s (parents) get your pants in a bunch, I am talking about making a mistake and learning from it. Just as you did when you were a teen, your teen also has to do.


Even though you make mistakes, follow a rabbit down a rabbit hole doesn’t mean you are a bad person. YOU MUST however, LEARN from those mistakes, and that’s what I do in my teen life coaching. I help you decide to take those mistakes and turn them into something good. Life is nothing more than a journey to become the ultimate human. In order to be the master, you must learn. That’s the only difference between you and the 45 yr old miserable old dude. Those people never turned their mistakes into lessons. They turned them into shame and guilt.

Mistake into Lesson Formula:
1. Make mistake
2. Seek out someone to help you talk about it. (shameless plug PICK ME! PICK ME! )
3. Learn ways to avoid mistake in future.
4. GROW as a human!

And now to show some love to my favorite Etsy peeps that sell Alice stuff! LOVE to you! and you! & U

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