Well, my self esteem sucks and I turned out fine

I was at an event sharing my self-esteem program for young ladies and a mom came through and said “My self-esteem sucks, and I am 42, what the hell can you do for my kid?”  I looked at her smiled and said “It’s not what I can do for her, but what SHE can do for her.  I am only a thesaurus so to speak.  I can give her the language, a new definition even, but it is completely within her, as it is with you!”

She stood there for a moment as if to say “Dang, that was a great answer.” Then she snapped back “Well, if I haven’t figured it out by now I am gonna just call B.S. on that.  Did you see what Penn and Teller said about self-esteem?”

Oh if I had a dollar for every time I have heard that one, and replied ” Yes mam, and remember Penn and Teller are in the business of magic, a made up, illusion.   That said, I am a skeptic myself, I agreed with most of what they said on that episode and in fact, I do not offer what other self-esteem products offer.  In fact I don’t offer a product at all, only a belief system, and a new way of thinking.”

Guess what! She signed up immediately and even wanted to  volunteer at the next event to absorb the info as well. Why am I sharing this story? Because I wrote earlier about the mother-daughter connection to learned self-esteem and I feel it is a valuable message to repeat.

If you or your daughter think I could help you in facilitating a new conversation about your self-esteem.  Feel free to write to me someonecares@dreamthis.org and stay up to date on upcoming self-esteem event you can attend.  I do offer private teen coaching and that is available 365 HERE (www.dreamthis.org/teen-life-coaching.html)

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