Yes, I am a strong person, but what does that mean exactly.  Perhaps it means that we still fall as much as anyone else, but we are able to recoup faster.  Maybe because we know we have been through worse and survived.  It is rare that I share my vulnerable side and not because I am afraid to, but mainly because I get over things so quickly and move on.  Well, this time I forced myself to stay in that moment and record a video that shared the heart of who I am, was, and the message I embody.  It is a bit flighty, but I wanted to really dive in and try to share as much as I could during that moment.

I think it is important to show that even though I teach self esteem, and I am strong, that even I have moments were that voice says “You’re just fooling yourself, you are NOBODY!” Even as I type that sentence that voice goes “YEAH!! That’s right!” and I have to reground myself and remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be on any given moment.

A small warning, there is some language and graphic details in this share.  While I am a very modest person, I do feel sometimes it is better to just put it out there.

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